Books to read in June

As I am on break now I am able to read more, YAY!! So I’m going to compile up some books to read for June. Although, I’m such a lazy person almost 95% of the time, therefore I’m always in a reading slump, but to challenge myself I think that I’ll probably read a lot more due to creating this blog . I have a few books that I really really want to read so here’s my list of anticipated book that I’ll be reading during June.

1.Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo


I’ve heard so many raving reviews about Six of Crows, so I’ve decided to read the prequel first because many said that it was quite hard to understand some inside jokes in Six of Crows. If I do love The Grisha Trilogy like everyone else, I’ll definitely read Six of Crows in June. The cover is also extremely pretty, I love the typography on it.

2.We are ok by Nina Lacour


I’ve heard many good things about this book and I’m excited to read this. I also love love love the cover, it reminds me of Halsey’s Badlands colour palette which I just adore.

3.Caraval by Stephanie Garber


This book was really hyped up when it came out and I wanted to see why, but I never got the time to read it so June is the month where I’ll try to read this.

4.Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare


I seriously can’t wait to read the next installation of The Lady Artifices. I absolutely loved Lady Midnight even though I said to myself that I will not read another Shadowhunter related book because it is ANOTHER SHADOWHUNTER SERIES, but Cassandra Clare definitely proved me wrong. I can’t wait to get my hands on this book (if I can that is).

Hopefully, I can read these books that I really want to read during June and review it. As said, I’m always in a reading slump. I also realised that all the books I really want to read have extremely pretty covers.


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